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New Era

It is the dawn of a new era!!

Here, everything is fast!! Everything is online!!

Technological advancements are bearing down on us producing huge impacts!!

Online businesses are booming and everyone is working hard to stay relevant and at the top!!

As a digital entrepreneur, there is that need now, more than ever, a need that is surely on the rise, to manage all your business resources in one perfect space!!

A space that is yours. A warehouse that serves
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all your needs, one that you can customize to suit all your business requirements and specifications.

A super-tidy storage space to keep everything organized with a perfect fit. A self-storage unit which gives you that edge, doubling up your free time and tripling your profits.

Who We Are

We provide solutions in the form of a perfect self-storage facility. We are Moomtaz. We saw the need and have figured out the most important things that are required to make an online business thrive. We are partnering with online business owners in Malaysia to take care of all storage concerns.

Our services are dynamic as we seek to give digital entrepreneurs that desired edge by offering advanced logistic solutions. Eliminating waste and lag time spent as your online business grows by easing the transformation to actual physical space from the virtual world.

We bring it all to the fore by providing

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the ultimate platform to double your free time and triple your business profits.

What We Offer

With our unique offering of Moomtaz self-storage facilities, we make available for you a space where productivity would be at optimal levels. A hub where operations can be done with amazingly enhanced efficiency.

  • Eliminating the problem of shortage of space

As a digital entrepreneur, you can now be assured of enough workspace, no worry of files and inventory taking it all up. With our solutions, you don’t have to worry about where to keep the stock from suppliers or any other storage concerns, we have you covered.

  • Logistic solutions that get you to focus on growing your business

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growth of a business
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and getting more leads.

  • Our co-working space innovation platform

As an online business owner, this concept provides a space, your own space at a reduced cost in a facility shared with other business owners. Apart from helping you save some extra expenses, you also get a chance to network, interact, and exchange ideas with people of varying business backgrounds. This would ultimately help to widen your scope and expose you to new resources and opportunities.

  • Knowledge upgrade by online education

The digital world is ever-evolving. It calls for digital entrepreneurs to always aim to upgrade their knowledge and acquire new skills which would provide that remarkable transformation and growth in their business. We provide online education in high-demand fields like digital marketing,

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logistics management, and leadership skill-acquisition as we help provide that boost to give you that edge.

E-Commerce Landscape

The e-commerce ecosystem will only be complete with four pillars, namely digital marketing, e-commerce platform, payment & finance, logistic & fulfillment.

The consumers behavior also change to the new direction of online shopping. This is the time to revolutionize your business to online presence business strategy.

It is a great move to shift or indulge in online business rather than offline business, it is, again, going back to the main root of its growth factor which is the advancement of technology, thus, one would only despise the online way when the technology goes backwards.

However, the downturn is not expected to happen even in decades ahead. It is always better to do things virtually at our own comfort hence, the norm of online businesses has always been favored by most business owners.

Our Value Statement

At Moomtaz self-storage facilities, we are driven by a desire to provide topnotch fulfillment service to online business owners. Our solutions are well-suited to cater to all your space and storage issues. We strive to provide all logistics and operational support with our amazing facilities, amenities, and services. Thereby, giving you all the space and freedom you require to reach your peak level of performance and growth.

Our highly effective, innovative, and systemic
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methods of storage, operations, and logistic support are unique to Moomtaz self-storage facilities.

The time is Now!!  Partner up with us Today… Check out our special package below.

Service Package

Service Package Basic Plan Plus Plan
Storage Type 1 extra small (estimate 20 sqft) 1 medium (estimate 40 sqft)
Pick Up not available 1
Delivery not available 1
Padlock 1 1
Postal (per box) 4 12
Advertising Online (FB, IG, Moomtaz Website, Email Marketing) Shout out 1 1
Meeting Room (per hour) 1 1
Work Space (per hour) 3 6
Packing + live tracking update (per piece) 7 9
Receiving (box) 1 5
Racking Solution 1 small 2 full height
Pantry - coffee and tea (per cup) 10 30
Wireless Internet yes yes
24/7 Access yes yes
PROMO PRICE RM1188 / Mth RM2688 / Mth
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